Case Study

Client: Chet Sandhu

The self-proclaimed King of Karachi.

A Gangster's Digital Makeover!

Chet Sandhu

Meet Chet Sandhu, a former gangster turned author, whose compelling life story comes to life on his dedicated website. Dive into the sleek user interface (UI) and seamless functionality of the site, designed to showcase Chet’s journey from the streets to a captivating autobiography.

Explore the user-friendly platform where visitors can not only learn about Chet’s past but also purchase his autobiography and exclusive merchandise, including stylish t-shirts. This case study delves into the dynamic web design and strategic features that make Chet Sandhu’s online presence a compelling and engaging experience.

We provided:

Responsive Website
UX/UI Design

What we CAN provide:

Brochure Design
Social Media
Mobile Apps

Chet Sandhu

Highlights of the UX/UI Integration

Art Reprints

Zoom Call




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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Brixton Wood

The Brixton Wood font subtly pays homage to urban roots while embracing a refined and contemporary image. Brixton Wood’s fusion of toughness and elegance mirrors Chet’s journey from his gangster past to a more sophisticated persona, symbolising resilience and growth in both character and design!

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Case Studies
Case Studies