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Mobile App Development, and much more!

Our agency provides mobile application development and design in the UAE and England that is user friendly and combines the latest in mobile technology. We integrate usability standards into our apps which is a psychology term that has been experimented and tested on various groups of people, regardless of gender, age and technical skills.

Before we design or even think about developing a mobile, we of course carry out planning & strategy to determine the maximum output of what we can achieve. We lay the foundation which is the core of any project, then from here onwards Sky Blue Ocean Media will maximise the mobile experience.


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Sky Blue Ocean Media Ltd. provides high-quality and award-winning application services for iOS and Android users. Our agency is offering services for mobile application development and design in the UAE and England. You can trust our team’s experience and knowledge to create both Android and iPhone-friendly apps or websites.

Are you full of ideas for your mobile app but not sure where to start? Whatever your ideas are, we create your visions and work with you to refine and work towards an outcome meeting you and your company’s objectives. We keep up to date with recent and trending mobile trends and technology, ensuring your Mobile Apps are of premium quality. We start the process by carrying out planning and strategy and then our team works hard on producing the app. Why not get in touch today so we can discuss your project, and see if Sky Blue Ocean Media would be the perfect fit for you!


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One of the key points of using either the iPhone or Android device is that it gives us the freedom to use technology in the palm of our hand, such as the GPS function, where it is possible to track and location other users, one of the best apps currently on the market that uses this mobile technology is the very famous Uber app.

Android Apps

Development and Design

Our agency provides Android application development and design, which includes the latest mobile technology. We incorporate all of your essential & custom-tailored business requirements at affordable rates.

iPhone Apps

IOS Development

Sky Blue Ocean Media helps businesses stand out through IOS app development, using the right tools to help your business reach its goals. Our team is skilled in engineering custom-built apps for iOS.

Integrating UI/UX

Don't lose potential customers

We include attention to detail when it comes to UI and UX on your mobile apps. We ensure the user’s interactions with the apps are smooth and intuitive, with easy navigation.


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Designs by the Sky Blue team received excellent recognition from well know design competitions from around the world and the general public via digital platforms.

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