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Client: Churros Mexicanos

The best tasting churros around!

A Tasty New Design!

Churros Mexicanos

Introducing Churros Mexicanos, the UK-based purveyor of exquisite churros. Immerse yourself in a visually enticing user interface (UI) that effortlessly guides visitors through the delectable world of our churros. Navigate the seamless design to explore our diverse churro offerings and place orders with ease.

This case study unveils the strategic UX/UI elements that elevate the Churros Mexicanos online experience, turning every visit into a delightful journey of flavour and style.

We provided:

Responsive Website
UX/UI Design
Social Media

What we CAN provide:

Brochure Design
Flyer Design
Mobile Apps

Churros Mexicanos

Highlights of the UX/UI Integration






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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


We opted for the ‘Anton’ font for Churros Mexicanos’ site to capture the brand’s essence with a bold and inviting visual identity. ‘Anton’ exudes a modern and stylish feel, mirroring the company’s commitment to delivering not just traditional churros but a contemporary, delightful experience.

The font’s clean lines and substantial weight enhance readability, ensuring a seamless and appetising browsing experience for users, aligning perfectly with Churros Mexicanos’ aesthetic and enhancing overall brand coherence.

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Case Studies
Case Studies