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How to crop images in WordPress/Elementor

Manually cropping images in WordPress offers precise customization, allowing you to highlight focal points and ensure a perfect fit for your design or content.

1.  Upload Image: Log into your WordPress dashboard, go to Media > Add New, and upload your image.

2. Find Image: Locate your uploaded image in the Media Library and click on it to open the image editor.

3. Edit Image: Below the image, click on “Edit Image” to access the cropping tool.

4. Activate Crop Tool: Click on the crop icon (looks like a pair of scissors) to activate cropping mode.

5. Adjust Crop: Drag the crop frame to select the portion of the image you want to keep. Optionally, enter specific dimensions in the “Image Crop” tab on the right.

6. Crop Image: Click the “Crop” button in the upper right corner to apply your crop.

7. Save Changes: Click “Save” to store your cropped image. Now you can use it in your posts or pages.

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