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Sky Blue Ocean Media Ltd are committed in providing our clients with a complete logo design and online solution, we only employ the BEST designers and developers at our company here in Sharjah and the United Kingdom. We have a complete team of experts who help to achieve our clients goals from the beginning to completion.


Logo Design & Web Development

The beauty of the Internet is that if you are a small, medium or a large company here in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates your online presence will give the vision that will deliver the absolute best for yourself and to your clients. If the aim of your logo is to display represent your company, yourself, your products, e-commerce such as online shopping websites or real estate, then we are for you.

Our logo designers will strategically plan how to promote and influence a business on the Internet by incorporating our expertise in designing, this can be represented in social media marketing and Internet marketing. Our services at Sky Blue Ocean Media Ltd are crafted to give our clients businesses the maximum return on their investment from the Internet with ease while managing a web strategy

The Full Package

Our complete package is available if needed for our clients, from basic things like creative logo designs, beautiful photographic images for your website which are Copyrighted solely to you or the company.

We do ALL our work in-house at our offices as we NEVER outsource any work to third parties or export to different countries.

Need A Fresh Makeover?

If you need to have your company logo redesigned, updated or just a modernised look we offer very competitive rates to all our clients so please feel free to try us.

Every Step Of The Way

When we hand craft your logo it will be available to view online as it is being made, so you can keep a check on the progress on what work is being carried out so you can have peace of mind while sitting at home or at work, you can even chat to us if you have any ideas on the way when we build your site for total comfort.

Need The Latest In Technology?

Technology changes all the time which is why we constantly keep in check, need the latest then most probably we would of already had our hands on it, our team can hand pluck all the latest trends and create you a beautiful logo design whatever the nature of you business.


What our clients say about us

A project with Sky Blue?

Designs by the Sky Blue team received excellent recognition from well know design competitions from around the world and the general public via digital platforms.

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