Case Study

Client: TE'AMO Aesthetics

The self-proclaimed King of Karachi.

Transforming Beauty with TE'AMO

TE'AMO Aesthetics

Introducing TE’AMO Aesthetics: A journey through beauty and confidence awaits on their newly revamped website. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning and intuitively designed platform crafted to provide a seamless experience for visitors. Discover the array of aesthetic treatments and services offered by TE’AMO Aesthetics while effortlessly scheduling appointments with just a few clicks.

This case study delves into the artful combination of eye-catching design and user-friendly functionality that sets TE’AMO Aesthetics apart in the competitive world of aesthetics. Explore how their website serves as a gateway to enhancing beauty and self-assurance, showcasing a commitment to excellence in every aspect of their online presence.

We provided:

Responsive Website
UX/UI Design

What we CAN provide:

Brochure Design
Social Media
Mobile Apps

TE'AMO Aesthetics

Highlights of the UX/UI Integration

Art Reprints

Zoom Call




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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Brixton Wood

The Brixton Wood font subtly pays homage to urban roots while embracing a refined and contemporary image. Brixton Wood’s fusion of toughness and elegance mirrors Chet’s journey from his gangster past to a more sophisticated persona, symbolising resilience and growth in both character and design!

Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies